What Sourced is about

If your development team is in need of software development support, we provide software consultancy services, training and coaching. Ensuring quality is the mainstay of our business, whilst keeping the business value in mind at all times. Sourced believes that the only way to build software with the highest value is software that's built the right way and compromising on this is compromising the end result.

  • Quality
  • Code

Professional software consultancy

Specialized in everything on the JVM, Sourced is able to strengthen your development teams and by itself brings over more than 11 years of professional experience to the table and has access to decades more of experience through its extensive network of professional software developers.

Coaching and training

Sourced can provide development coaching and training on various technical and non-technical topics. Sourced has spoken at various renowned technical conferences like Devoxx and is able to help you to grow your own professionals. Contact us for more information.

Process modelling

Using techniques like eventstorming and visual facilitation, we can help you visualize your business process to create an optimal view towards the solution that brings the most value to your business and your customers.

Sourced is certified in Bikablo visualization techniques, Management 3.0 and Gamestorming.

Technological expertise

These are some of the technologies we're happy to help with.

  • Java

    Java is the mainstay of many enterprises in the world. Sourced knows Java inside out and is able to use its expertise to help you accomplish your goals.

  • Kotlin

    Currently becoming the popular choice of developing software on the JVM, Kotlin is a language now preferred by many professionals. Using Kotlin, Sourced is able to provide value at a quicker pace than previously possible.

  • Containerization

    Using technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, Sourced is able to provide unprecedented speed in delivering software into production and test environment, making sure that your software can run 24/7, anytime, anywhere.

  • Atomist

    Automating is the way of the future and Atomist allows developers to codify their tasks and deployments. From automating deployments and builds to autofixing the code or notifying external APIs, there's nothing out of reach.

  • Angular

    Being able to access your software through a browser is of immense value in the current fast-paced industries. Technologies like Angular are battle-proven, modern approaches to web development, providing the highest user experience possible to your customers and business.

  • Ionic

    Mobile devices are everywhere and Sourced is able to leverage new technologies like Ionic to be able to move your business to the mobile realm. Whether it is Android or iPhone, our approach is able to quickly deliver your software to the mobile devices of your choice.

  • Flutter

    When native performance is a prerequisite and you want to develop mobile applications for both iOS and Android, Flutter is a great option to consider. Flutter uses Google's Dart language and allows for a single codebase building both platforms, reducing cost and maintenance.

  • Flowable

    Business processes exist in all sizes and shapes. Flowable allows your business to adequately model your business processes in a clear and precise manner, making sure that your business flows smoothly.

Upcoming trainings

September 23-24 2019, Brussels : Software architecture in practice by Simon Brown

Contact us

Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] for your inquiries.